Dutch Menu

  • Maquereau
    tartare of raw Northsea mackerel with a sorbet of cornichon
  • Wild goose
    baharat and atjar of red cabbage
  • Cappuccino
    French union bouillon with Old Amsterdam cheese
  • Volaille
    French quail with sweet potato and Dutch blackpudding
  • Jardin d’antan
    mosaic of forgotten Dutch vegetables
  • Dutch Game
    from the Veluwe
  • Crème Brûlée L’invité
    special Crème Brûlée with a local surprise

New Dutch Cuisine

Dutch Menu

New Dutch Cuisine shows that Dutch Menu is creative, varied and seasonal. At a time when guests are more aware of food and sustainable healthy food.

The Chefs of Dutch Cuisine are the ambassadors of Dutch cuisine. They embrace the Dutch Menu and food culture and opt for sustainable food and local products.

  • Seasonal products from Dutch soil

    The Netherlands offers a wide variety of regional and seasonal products. In our Dutch menu we present a tasting of Dutch food for you.

  • Good for us and for ours world

    A healthy menu with less meat and fish, of the highest quality. Please take the time to enjoy each other and our local dishes. We think it is important that you eat delicious, but also that you feel good the next day.

  • Respect for people and nature

    Honest and versatile food what nature gives us, without artificial additives, from head to tail, without waste, without plundering of local resources far away.

  • Quality

    We respect the product, the origin, the producer and the people who handle it in this way. We process sustainable fish, local meat and game and as many organic vegetables as possible.


The L’invite Dutch Cuisine Tasting Menu is composed of small dishes that follow each other quickly. The 7 small dishes are traditionally prepared with local, regional and sustainable products. Dishes can vary with the seasons.

If you do not want something or are allowed to eat, you can indicate this at the table. The dishes are then adapted by our kitchen to your wishes.

2 free oysters with a online ticket

Dutch Tasting        € 59,-
Winepairing (4 glasses) € 30,-

When you book your Tasting online with a prepaid ticket, you will get two excellent Dutch Oosterschelde oysters for free on arrival.

Organic local meat

Genuine Texel Lamb is very special low-fat meat with a unique delicious taste thanks to a fine and tender meat structure. The Texelaar is a unique breed and has an international reputation as a meat sheep with the best muscling without fattening. In the Dutch Menu we serve it with asperagus.

On Texel is a very diverse agricultural sector where companies often different crops grow in combination with the keeping of cattle.

Thanks to grazing by extensively kept sheep, the typical landscapes and nature reserves are preserved. The animals are born, grazed and slaughtered on Texel. Because of the short transport lines the animals do not have the chance to get stressed. This is better for the animals and for the preservation of the meat quality. This complete chain also guarantees the quality of the sustainable organic meat.

What means Waddengoud?

Texel Lamb is not only organic meat, but also an officially recognized regional product. The Waddengoud (Waddengold) quality mark stands for socially responsible local products with local added value. The producers make extra efforts for biodiversity, nature and landscape management and use water and energy responsibly.


In the Netherlands, the razorclams (ensis directus) are relatively rarely eaten. Strange, because we have a lot of it. Anyone who has ever walked along the North Sea beach has most likely seen them. These shellfish sometimes lie on the beach at thousands, unfortunately mostly eaten by the seagulls.

The razorclam is an elongated shellfish that protrudes just above the seabed. Inside is the delicious milky white meat that is highly appreciated throughout Europe. The taste of these shellfish is slightly salty and at the same time a bit sweet, a true delicacy.

Are razors MSC certified?

In 2012, Zeeland fishermen were the first in the world to obtain an MSC certificate for sustainable fishing of razorclams. This ensures that the fish stock and the underlying habitat remain completely healthy.

Most razor blades are exported from Zeeland to the South, from Belgium to Italy and Spain. At L’invité we serve these shellfish as delicacy with sweet-sour fennel in the Dutch Menu.

Forgotten vegetables

Eating vegetables is of course always very important.

At L’invité we serve a mosaic of forgotten vegetables in the Tasting. All forgotten vegetables are prepared separately by our kitchen, each with their own method of preparation and their own herbs. This gives you the opportunity to taste every forgotten vegetable with attention.

Which forgotten vegetables do we serve in the Dutch Menu at L’invité?

This always depends on the season. The Jerusalem artichoke is actually a tuber with a nice soft taste, nice with for example some mace. The parsley root is in terms of taste between the parsnip and the celeriac. The salsify was also called the asparagus for the poor, but the taste is also close to the artichoke. Kohlrabi is perhaps more familiar, but combine this with caraway seed. Think of purple carrots, Soesterknolletjes (turnips) or yellow beetroot.

Where can I buy forgotten vegetables?

Most supermarkets in the Netherlands have a very limited range of vegetables. You have more chance at the specialist greengrocer and at the hobby growers and vegetable gardens. Eating forgotten vegetables is very good for biodiversity and our environment.


Sico de Moel - Dutch Cuisine

Dutch Cuisine is a movement that puts the Dutch kitchen and Dutch food culture on the map and focuses on the sustainability of our food consumption. We want to make typical Dutch food more sustainable, tastier and make healthy eating easier and more attractive.”

“In the Tasting Menu I take my guests on a culinary journey.”

“I use local products that most of us know, but do not eat so often”

“To the flavors to come out well, I use less fat, sugar and salt. This allows you to taste more flavor and feel better ”

“The wines that I have selected are European and provide an extra experience of the various flavors”

Sico de Moel

Allergies & special requests

If do not want to eat something from the Tasting menu, or if you are not allowed to to something, please tell us in advance. You can also opt for a whole Vegetarian Tasting or make your own choice from our à la carte menu. It is not necessary to choose per table. You can make a choice individually.

If you have an allergy, we ask you to report this in advance. The Tasting will then be adapted for you.

Media Reviews

“During the evening you will be surprised by various tastings with a French character, a true culinary spectacle!”
Merel Poorthuis – DiningCity

“The final dish in this 7-course tasting is a next level Crème Brûlée, that will initially weird you out and then make you smile.”
Ashkan Mortezapour – Dishtales

“Great dinner, great food, great evening, incredible!”
Willem Baars – JFK Magazine

Guest Reviews

Food and wine served with care and thoughtfulness

Calm, sophisticated ambiance. Warm, friendly service. Interesting food combinations and great wine selections. A good place to try if you want to explore some new tastes and combinations that uses foods with local provenance. A most enjoyable evening.

Sarah GraceJune 2018

Delightful meal!

Wonderful experience, would recommend to anyone

Terence DarcyDecember 2017

Great dinner for an authentic A’dam experience

Intimate place on one of the most beautiful canaal in A’dam. Excellent food with ingredients sourced locally.

Francesca SaguiMay 2017

Unpretentious friendly foodie delight; and cornichon granita!

Terrific, innovative tastings for a vegetarian and a meat eater. Highlights: a spicy strawberry amuse (shot glass), cornichon granita , razor clam on intensely tasty bed of potato salad, fabulous bread with “plain” (hardly) , anchovy, and arugula butters, onion soup cappuccino with Old Amsterdam cheese. . . Actually, everything was amazing.

Susanna BrownMay 2018

A delightful evening with friends.

Wonderful dining experience. The food and service – both exquisite. We will definitely return upon our next visit to Amsterdam. This is a must in dining! Sico made every moment memorable. Thank you, my friend. It’s always a joy when we can share new experiences with our friends who live there…

Sue Feil-ErwinMay 2017

A superb tasting menu, excellent wines and fantastic ambiance and service

We had a fantastic evening dining at L’invite with our friends. The food was of an outstanding quality and the courses had well blended flavours that matched the wines excellently. Booking a table was very easy and I really appreciated the personal email contact withL’invite. The atmosphere was cosy and classy. We’d really recommend you to our friends :)

Veronica PennDecember 2017