Sico L'invité Restaurant Amsterdam

Sico de Moel

“December is always warm and cozy at L’invité. Time to relax together and enjoy an extensive, romantic dinner with fine wines and special dishes.”

“In addition to the Sustainable Tasting of Dutch game, sustainable fish and local seasonal vegetables, we offer Dutch oysters, local cheesetasting and special Dutch wines.”

Christmas with L’invité

Christmas lunch 55
Christmas dinner 125

Christmas with L’invité is December 23, 24 and 25
vegetarian or vegan options are possible

guest reviews

Inviting, tasteful and warm

We had a nice Christmas lunch or with delicious dishes. Good composition and taste. A personal, fine service and an open atmosphere that invited people to talk to other tables.

Intimate and idyllic

The pleasant restaurant is decorated in Christmas in these days. Intimate and idyllic. The menu inspired by French cuisine is varied and rich in original combinations. Recommended.