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26 July 2017
L’invité nominated for Fineest French Restaurant of the Netherlands 2017

The magazine “Leven in Frankrijk” (“Life in France”) is searching for the best bistros, brasseries and other addresses in the Netherlands in 2017. Topspots where you enjoy a great meal in French atmosphere. No Michelin restaurants, but special places for a evening living in France. The jury has nominated L’invité le Restaurant, along with 9 […]

7 June 2017
New summer dishes

This month we will present three new summer dishes: A delicious fresh summer salad with avocado, full, sweet plum tomato, sweet-sour cucumber and zucchini, yogurt cream and baked fries. Then our new vegetarian main course of Pearl Barley from Alkmaar, carrot, puffed wild rice and a fresh herb salad. The new dessert is the toasted […]

22 April 2017
Tip 10 business lunch in Amsterdam

By Marianne Aalders – Catch52 Since the beginning of this year, we have been working hard to promote the Amsterdam lunch culture with the help of our sweet colleagues at Amsterdam FM. We do not enjoy too much of a delicious culinary lunch in Amsterdam, according to the people in Amsterdam’s catering industry. High time […]

14 April 2017
Jürgen Leippert on the Bloemgracht

The Bloemgracht has always been an inspiration for artists. Jürgen Leippert (1944) shows the Bloemgracht in the summer. The canal and floating boats show all its colors.  With a stroke of paint too far, this work Leippert tends toward abstraction. An interesting and engaging twilight zone. The artist offers the art lovers plenty of space […]

6 April 2017
New on the menu: Dutch Texel Lamb

What the Texel lamb makes it so unique is that the lambs wandering during the spring in the fresh sea air of Texel. The lambs are slaughtered and processed directly on the island which makes for a low stress level and so tender meat. This spring is at L’invité Texel lamb on the menu with […]

4 April 2017
Catch52: Culinary delights in the heart of Jordan

Jordan heart of one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam you will find restaurant L’invité. Yes, that cool pop-up restaurant at the Jan Schaefferbrug SAIL two years ago. That was one of the most impressive pop-ups in recent years if you ask me. As big as it was then, so is the intimate restaurant […]

28 March 2017
Amsterdam Today

by Frank Scheers on Amsterdam Today. In Amsterdam and many fine restaurants. Enough choice. Every kind of food is available in the culinary Amsterdam. But if you want a beautiful atmosphere in the middle of the Jordan, dine in a pleasant way, which is always freshly prepared in an astonishing and inventive combination, it is […]

26 March 2017
Rembrandt van Rijn’s studio on the Bloemgracht

In the annals of Rembrandt stated that he rented in 1637 in a warehouse at the Bloemgracht studio space to accommodate his students. At the height of his career painter Rembrandt had approximately 25 students at work. People believe that Rembrandt still had this workshop in 1658, but because of his bankruptcy, he had to […]

25 March 2017
Hello Paris! Top 5 French Restaurants in Amsterdam

By Claartje Matzinger, I Amsterdam Blog author Paris. It is about 5.5 hours from Amsterdam and if you leave early, you have to visit in the afternoon time for sightseeing and you can at a fine restaurant in the evening. I recommend everyone to go at least once a year and drive down to the […]

24 March 2017
Blog visits L’invité

Maud Koedijk visited L’invité the Bloemgracht in Amsterdam. A classic restaurant with modern French cuisine. Chef and owner Sico de Moel was an excellent host. In the kitchen one of his apprentice chefs, who created a delicious tasting of seven fine dining cuisine. Classic French with a durable and Dutch touch. So the deer is […]

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